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The DCT Quarterly Newsletter

About the DCT Quarterly Newsletter
The DCT publishes a quarterly newsletter that features information about the club and its events and programs, as well as articles from members, local leaders, and a calendar of upcoming events. It is sent only to members by mail or electronically via email as a PDF. The 2018 First Quarter Newsletter covers January through March 2018 has been sent out.
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You can now receive your copy of the DCT Quarterly Newsletter as a PDF by email, making it convenient to read on your computer, e-Reader, smart phone, tablet or any electronic or mobile device that can view PDFs. By going digital, you also help defray mailing costs and relieve the burden on the environment by using the resources to make paper and inks as well as the energy to produce a mailed copy.

Going digital is simple! Just click the subscribe link below and fill out the form.
(Note: form will open in a new window.) New members just add your email to your application form.

Depending upon when you subscribe, you could receive the digital edition of the newsletter as soon as the next issue. (The potential time delay is due to the need to check the registered name against the current membership rolls.) You can also opt out at any time and your name and information will not be shared, sold or otherwise disclosed to another party as described in our
privacy policy.

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Submitting Content/Articles to the DCT Quarterly Newsletter
If you are interested in submitting an article or other content to the DCT Quarterly Newsletter, please contact the main office at 313.291.8060. Following the submission guidelines will allow us ample time to review materials submitted and ensure that it can get into an upcoming issue of the DCT Quarterly Newsletter.  Please note, submitting content to the DCT does not guarantee that it will be published in the next edition.  (Submission guidelines are subject to change, but not without notification.)

Advertising in the DCT Quarterly Newsletter
The DCT Quarterly Newsletter is published four times a year and is viewed by hundreds of active DCT members. Advertising in the DCT Quarterly Newsletter is both affordable and effective.

Business Card ads (2.5 x 3") are $25 per issue or $90 for four issues.

Quarter Page ads horizontal (4 x 5.25") or vertical (2 x 10.5") are $30/issue or $110/year.

Half Page ads horizontal (8 x 5.25") or vertical (4 x10.5") are $50/issue or $190/year.

Full Page ads (8 x 10.5") are $65/issue or $225/year.

Ad payments should be made payable to the Democratic Club of Taylor and sent directly to the club.  
Ads must be camera ready (high res .jpg file in the dimensions provided above) and submitted by email to
democraticcluboftaylor@gmail.com. Please use the subject line - newsletter advertisement.

DCT Quarterly Newsletter Archives
The DCT is in the process of digitizing its old newsletters. Being able to view the current and most-recent issues of the DCT Quarterly Newsletter is a membership perk.


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Fish  Fry
 on Friday's
Open to the Public
from 11:00am - 8:00pm

Monthly Meetings
are usually held every
4th Thursday at 8 p.m.  
The next general membership
meeting is Thursday March 22, 2018.

Women's Auxiliary
The Auxiliary  usually meet every
1st Thursday at 6:00pm.
Our next meeting is April 5, 2018
Join the auxiliary for only $5.00,
renew for $3.00.

play Bingo

Lounge 313-291-4181

Sun: 12 noon to close
Mon: Fri.: 11 a.m. to close
Sat: 12 noon to close

Join us every Friday for
Seafood, Fish Fry!

Plenty of good food and good fun! 

We now have Karaoke on 
Wednesday and Friday starting at 9pm.

Click here to check out our
lounge menu.

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